25 August 2010

Collin County Custody/Divorce Cases are ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSES!!!!

If there is still doubt in your mind about how your divorce/custody case is being handled, then I am going to put it to rest for good.  THE REASON THE SYSTEM SEEMS SO CROOKED AND RIGGED IS BECAUSE...IT IS!

Your case is being conducted under a "quasi-administrative" process in which the normal rules of procedure are tossed out the window.  That is why "orders" are rendered that seem to defy common sense and logic.  That is why evidence that supports your side is ignored.  That is why your lawyer and your (ex)spouses lawyer have their informal conversations out of your earshot in the halls of the courthouse and decide what the outcome of your case will be.  That is why there are so many RULE 11 AGREEMENTS in your case.  That is why the JUDGE NEVER REALLY ORDERS ANYTHING and you end up with an AGREED ORDER at the end of your case.

When it's all over and you're sitting at home wondering what you did to deserve losing your children, your home, your property, and quite possibly your liberty, you decide to appeal your case.  The Appeals Court won't let this INJUSTICE stand!  And then you lose your appeal.  Look at the opinions coming out of the Texas Appellate Courts and you will see that REVERSALS ARE RARE!

But don't take my word for it...I'll let the US Government and the State of Texas speak for me:
The first document is taken from "Essentials for Attorneys in Child Support Enforcement" from the Administration for Children & Families division of the US Department of Health & Human Services.  This is Chapter 6: EXPEDITED JUDICIAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSES.  You can view/download the entire document directly from the agency's website here.  It is a few years old, but it provides an excellent overview in layman's terms of how this bastardization of justice evolved.  The entire document is available for download here.

The second document is current hrough this year and is specific to the STATE OF TEXAS.  It consists of questions and answers about the state's Title IV-D Child Support Enforcement Program.  (This link will download a PDF copy of the page - the page can also be accessed directly by going to http://www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/cse/ and selecting the "Intergovernmental Referral Guide"). 

The fact that your case is being heard administratively (except in limited cases) is explicitly stated:
Question: I1. Does your State use an administrative, a judicial or a combined process to establish a support obligation?
 Answer: While Texas does do some establishment actions judicially, a quasi-administrative process is normally used to establish obligations. Interstate responding cases are most frequently handled judicially.
Here is the real kick in the crotch...IT IS ALMOST A CERTAINTY THAT YOUR LAWYER KNOWS this already.  Oh, he hasn't told you?  Go ahead...ask him about it.  Read these documents and make him explain the process.  I'd love to hear what about how they respond.  I already heard from one person who did this.  Her attorney, who demanded a $50,000 retainer to represent this poor woman, screamed at her for asking too many questions and hung up the phone on her.  Needless to say, this person has opted not to retain this scumbag.

The good news is that there are remedies under the rules of administrative law which can protect your rights.  You can start by firing your dirtbag lawyer...

Did someone say CLASS ACTION???

21 August 2010

Escaping Sociopathic Abuse Almost Impossible When Children Are Involved

Note: This is a very enlightening article from Rob at angiemedia.com.  If you read my previous post about the OCA, you will recall that I listed a number of things that are common to the divorce/custody cases that are being manipulated by the courts to effectively steal life, liberty, property, and family from people.  The one item I failed to mention is that in every case I have seen thus far, one of the parents (the designated winner) is a Borderline/Narcissist.  It makes sense.  Only a Borderline/Narcissist would be willing to destroy the lives of their own children in their quest satisfy their own selfish goals of "getting" the other parent.

Link to original article at Angiemedia.com

Escaping Sociopathic Abuse Almost Impossible When Children Are Involved

Posted By Rob on August 20, 2010

In my previous article Extreme BPD / NPD Behaviors Are Internally Triggered, I discussed the puzzling ways in which normal circumstances seem to trigger abusive behaviors from Borderlines, Narcissists, and other personality disordered abusers. My advice to those who can do so is to get away and stay away from these people as they are a serious danger to your own mental health, even your freedom and your life, if you continue to have anything to do with them.

Unfortunately, not everybody can easily extricate themselves from the abuse without severe consequences. This is particularly true for parents of children whose other parent is a Borderline or Narcissist. Staying in the children’s lives means staying in the line of fire of the abuser. Leaving is likely to subject the children to even more abuse. Often the abuser has focused most of her or his rage against their former partner or spouse. But if that parent leaves, the rages, abuses, and emotional manipulations are not going to stop. They will probably be redirected at somebody else close to the abuser as loved-ones are the tops targets for these sick people. The children are a likely target for even more abuse than they have already received. This chronic abuse with no escape (as the healthy parent has disappeared) is likely to create severe psychological damage, even personality disorders, in these children as they have even less means to defend themselves against one of these sociopaths than an adult does.

To fully understand how horrible the impact of Borderline or Narcissist parent can be on a child, you’ll have to do some more reading as the topic is way too broad to cover in a couple thousand word article. One of the best books on the topic is Dr. Christine Lawson’s book Understanding the Borderline Mother: Helping Her Children Transcend the Intense, Unpredictable, and Volatile Relationship. I first read this a few years ago and have yet to find a book on the subject that more thoroughly explains the destruction that Borderlines cause in the lives of their children. Dr. Lawson has created a fairy-tale model of Borderlines to help understand their behaviors. She groups them into hermits, waifs, queens, and witches. Many Borderlines exhibit traits of more than one of these groups, but they tend to have a primary behavior pattern and understanding it can help the reader figure out what motivates these sociopaths and what sort of abuses they are likely to inflict upon their children.

Preventing Worst Outcomes In Children Of Sociopathic Parents

The best chance for preventing the children of a Borderline, Narcissist, or similarly abusive parent probably rests with ensuring the children have continuing and frequent contact with healthy relatives, particularly their other parent. Unfortunately, it is common for personality disordered abusers to get sole custody of children. This combined with the court’s inability to do its job at determining the truth are perhaps two of the strongest reasons why sole custody is a huge mistake. Far too many children are placed into situations in which the sole or primary caretaker is an abuser and they have little experience with non-abusive family relationships as a result. These children would be far better off if they spent 50% of the time with the abusive parent and 50% with the non-abusive parent.

18 August 2010

The Forum Back!

The Collin County Corruption Forum is live once again.
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16 August 2010

Tarrant County custody case has been ensnarled in bitterness and fighting for 12 years

Note: Interesting reference to a "Rule 11" agreement in this story (though the author calls it a "Chapter 11 agreement").  My, that sounds familiar...

Star Telegram

Link to original story

Posted Monday, Aug. 16, 2010

By Melody McDonald

Except from a distance, Anna hasn't seen her firstborn son in more than six years.

The last time was in 2003, around Christmas, when she was a single mother addicted to prescription pills.

Anna's ex-husband, Todd, has custody of their son.

For more than a decade, Anna and Todd have been in and out of court, fighting over visitation, parental rights and, lately, whether Anna should be reintroduced to her son at all.

Experts say their dispute illustrates the extremes to which parents will go in cases involving children, with both sides spending tens of thousands of dollars on attorneys fees, court costs, social studies, counselors and drug tests.

So What Are The "Real" Rules Of The Game?

So you're wondering why you divorce/custody case is proceeding in such an outrageously biased fashion. 

None of the people involved in it (including your attorney, your opposition's attorney, the Judge, the neutrals, etc.) are adhering to the Rules of Civil Procedure.  There are ex-parte communications with the "honorable" judge, evidence you wish to be heard is ignored, and negative decisions are handed down against you based purely on unsubstantiated allegations and innuendo.

Welcome to the Government Code of Texas.  You may have a chance of stopping the slow motion train wreck that is happening before your eyes if you take the time to understand the rules of the game.  Specifically, get to know:


See if any of that starts to ring a bell....

By the way, do you still think that nice, understanding counselor gives a damn about you or your kids?  Think that expensive lawyer you retained is vigorously representing your interests?  Do you think the judge is keeping the "best interests" of your child as his #1 priority?  Really?

Don't you think they would have at least clued you in on what the rules are?  It sucks to be the last one to know, doesn't it?

This is fraud and tyranny.  There is simply no other way to describe it.

The good news is that they are relying on the fact that you don't know the rules, and that you never will.  They are also counting on the fact that we, the victims of their crime, won't find each other and share our knowledge.

Guess what?  Too late.  We're coming...

14 August 2010

The Office of Court Administration (OCA) Changed the Rules of the Game and Did Not Tell You!!!

We have had the chance to speak with many people whose experience in the Collin County family courts have been remarkably simillar to our own. 

The same lawyers, the same judges, and the same court-appointed "neutrals" appear again and again (we'll get to naming them shortly...).  The cases all seem to follow the same general course:
  • An acrimonious divorce involving children, or a modification of an existing decree that involves children.
  • Several "Rule 11" agreements and "Agreed Orders."
  • On one side, you have the designated loser.  This is the parent that loses their custody and conservatorship early in the proceedings.  They also may be ordered to surrender property and will usually be "ordered" to pay an unusually large amount of child support.  There is usually nothing other than the accusations of the other party that is used to justify this.  There is almost NEVER any evidence of wrongdoing, abuse, or neglect against this parent.
  • The losing parent either has money, has parents with money which they stand to inherit, or is the beneficiary of a substantial life insurance policy held by a parent.
  • The other parent is the designated winner.  They are awarded virtually everything no matter what evidence their might be of their own shortcomings as a parent.  In fact in some cases, they are awarded custody in spite of substantial evidence of abuse and neglect.
  • A parade of "neutrals" becoming involved including psychologists, counselors, custody evaluators, etc...  These whores of the court use their professional credentials to further malign the parent who is losing.
  • At or near the end of the proceedings, a "motion to enforce" is filed against the losing parent.
  • Finally, without any sort of hearing on the merits, the "agreed" order is declared a permanent order.  The person who lost everything is immediately held in contempt of court for the slightest violation of the order that may have occurred  during the course of the protracted "litigation". 
  • Once the final order is signed, in steps the OCA-3A.  They are the local child support enforcement agency.  This is the agency with the power to crimminally prosecute you for the contempt fees and arbitray child support amount in the judgement.
  • Often, the loser is forced to sell property (including their homes) in order to comply.  Some are put on probation for years, their credit and careers are destroyed, and the local Title IV-D agency is right up their ass for the rest of their lives.
  • The losing parent lives through this hell in a state of shock.  The process can take up to several years in some cases.  Parent-child bonds are destroyed.

04 August 2010

Think that DFPS (CPS) won't commit FRAUD to Steal Your Kids? Think Again...

One of the key players in the crimes against families being perpetrated in Collin County is the Department of Family & Protective Services (DFPS or CPS). If you're reading this blog, there is a reasonably good chance the lives of you and your children have been affected, and perhaps completely destroyed, by this lawless, despicable band of lowlifes. If that is the case, my heart breaks for you and I keep you in my prayers.

I am not going to bother wasting my time on recounting the atrocities these people have committed in the name of protecting children. Suffice it to say that a simple Google search will yield enough stories to break your heart every day for the rest of your life.

You will also find story after story of the Gestapo-like tactics they use to in their evil mission. Stories abound of their complete disregard for the truth, for the welfare of the children they are supposed to protect, and for the constitution for which many of our own brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, grandparents, and so on fought and died to preserve. A minimal amount of research will make you question just what the hell country you are actually living in today...because it is NOT the United States of America that you learned about in school.

03 August 2010

Collin County DA: District clerk's office padded time, attendance records with hundreds of false entries

Link: Dallas Morning News: District Clerk's Office Padded Time, Attendance Records with Hundreds of False Entries

12:09 PM CDT on Tuesday, August 3, 2010

By ED HOUSEWRIGHT / The Dallas Morning News

Collin County District Clerk supervisors made more than 200 false entries to show employees were at work when they were not, according to a 45-page court document filed by the District Attorney's office.

The document also says that supervisors used employees' access badges to log in workers when they really weren't on the job.

Patricia Crigger, the incoming district clerk, and five other supervisors were indicted last week on charges of engaging in organized criminal activity. The indictments stem from a Texas Rangers investigation that alleges Crigger and the others pressured district clerk employees to work on Crigger's spring campaign.

Crigger defeated law office manager Alma Hays in an April 13 Republican primary runoff election. Crigger faces no Democratic opposition and is due to take office Jan. 1, replacing longtime District Clerk Hannah Kunkle, who is retiring.

The new court document alleges supervisors gave employees unauthorized paid time off in exchange for their campaign work.

The charges against Crigger, Sherry Bell, Rebecca Littrell, Amy Mathis, Lorrie Robertson and Marcia Simpson allege the women tampered with governmental records by making false entries in time and attendance records.

01 August 2010

Welcome...Time to Speak Up

Hello friends and neighbors of Collin County. We have started this blog because we can no longer stay silent about the corruption and villainy that is out of control in our county. This is not something we wanted to do. We would rather be spending our time doing the things we actually enjoy. In fact, we long for the days when we knew nothing about the subject of this blog. We hope those days are not over.

We can no longer remain silent. Our worlds have changed over the last months and years thanks to the corrupt judges, attorneys, court personnel, and other assorted parasites and bottom feeders that enrich themselves by stealing from the citizens of this county. They think nothing of lying, cheating, and trampling civil rights to get what they want. Arrogant and smug, they wield the power entrusted to them by us, the citizens, to enrich themselves, their family, and their “friends” because they believe it is their birthright. They do not care who they destroy in their pursuit…not even innocent children.