01 August 2010

Welcome...Time to Speak Up

Hello friends and neighbors of Collin County. We have started this blog because we can no longer stay silent about the corruption and villainy that is out of control in our county. This is not something we wanted to do. We would rather be spending our time doing the things we actually enjoy. In fact, we long for the days when we knew nothing about the subject of this blog. We hope those days are not over.

We can no longer remain silent. Our worlds have changed over the last months and years thanks to the corrupt judges, attorneys, court personnel, and other assorted parasites and bottom feeders that enrich themselves by stealing from the citizens of this county. They think nothing of lying, cheating, and trampling civil rights to get what they want. Arrogant and smug, they wield the power entrusted to them by us, the citizens, to enrich themselves, their family, and their “friends” because they believe it is their birthright. They do not care who they destroy in their pursuit…not even innocent children.

We are not political activists. We are mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers. We are victims of a tyrannical justice system made up of nothing more than a cabal of crooks and thugs.

If you have found your way to this blog, there is a good chance you are a victim as well. Take comfort, friends, because the reckoning is coming.

There is not much any one person can do to fight back against this enemy. However, there is strength in numbers…and our numbers are growing faster each day. The corrupt legal system in Collin County needs victims who are unaware of their racket, and who feel alone once the crime is committed. They do NOT want us to know each other. Too late.

After the recent indictments and arrests of six employees of the District Clerks office (Dallas Morning News article), I was reading about the story on the The Collin County Observer, a blog authored by a local citizen named Bill Baumbach. Several local residents had posted reactions to the story. One post jumped out at me in its description of the nature of this criminal enterprise. I am reposting it here:

I have to chuckle to myself at some of the comments posted here. Obviously, some people in this audience are simply ignorant about what is REALLY happening under their noses. Please do not take that as an insult as I truly mean no disrespect. Until the amoral thugs that roam the so-called “halls of justice” in Collin County have personally victimized you, it is almost too much to believe. Almost.

The indictments handed down for the blue-book vacation time and illegal use of county resources are merely a red herring. I would wager that such activity is relatively common in government offices presided over by an elected official – not only in Collin County, but also throughout the entire country. It is wrong, it is illegal, and there should be consequences.

However, the Texas Rangers do not raid those offices in the middle of the day, confiscate hard drives and other records, and bring government’s business to a virtual standstill. In the grand scheme of things, that is relatively insignificant stuff.

Those of us who have been victimized by these villains who masquerade as leaders of integrity and virtue…we know what is really taking place. The corruption in Collin County is like a cancer that has overtaken almost every part of the county's justice system. It includes the District Clerk and her staff for sure, but they are nothing but low-level associates. They are not REALLY part of the family. There are hosts of associates who help all of it work…expert witnesses, individuals in other county agencies, counselors, etc. They are the grease that lubricates the machine.

Above them are the soldiers. They are primarily lawyers, and they do a fair amount of the dirty work. They lie and deceive those they have taken an oath to represent. They might put a show on for their clients, but at the end of the day, the outcomes are usually decided well in advance. How many citizens in this county (and others) have lost property, livelihoods, and even children without ever having a real trial? When it is all over, they are left wondering, “What the hell just happened to me?”

As you move up the chain, you have the lieutenants. They oversee the various rackets and operate with a fair degree of autonomy. At the courthouse, these are the judges. Not all of them are involved, but some of them are. There are other lieutenants in other parts of the county operating rackets with a similar type of organizational structure. It is not only the courts. Overseeing it all is a boss (or possibly bosses).

It doesn’t seem plausible to most people. Nevertheless, as I mentioned above, those of us who have been victimized have seen a good part of this first hand. So yes, I point my finger at these gangsters and know they are guilty. They know that we know it. However, they have been getting away with it for so long, they believe they are untouchable. They are wrong.

If there is, in fact, a grand jury investigation underway, I would wager that its focus is not simply the District Clerk and her staff. Susan Brenner, the co-author of “Federal Grand Jury Practice”, describes how federal grand juries operate and the role they play in federal law enforcement:

"In the federal system, there are two kinds of grand juries: "Regular grand juries" primarily decide whether to bring charges. But a different kind of grand jury--a "special grand jury"--is called into existence to investigate whether organized crime is occurring in the community in which it sits. "Organized crime" is defined very broadly--it is not limited to the "Godfather"-style image of the Mafia or La Cosa Nostra. Instead, a special grand jury can investigate, for example, organized drug activity or organized corruption in government. If a special federal grand jury investigates and establishes that organized crime is, or has been, occurring in the area, the grand jury can charge the individuals responsible for the organized crime and/or can issue a report describing what has been going on."

Yes, the goons, thugs, and racketeers in this enterprise have reason to worry. Do you think these lowly associates are all going to take the fall for them? I think not…

PS: There are many of us who are already providing the evidence of the crimes committed against us. The criminals know we are here. We are the ones you cannot bring yourselves to look in the eye in church, or at the grocery store, or the shopping mall. Each one of us is patiently working to make sure that justice is done. Do not forget that.

Indeed. Our numbers are growing every day. The reckoning is coming.