14 February 2012

Separated at birth?

31 July 2011

An Open Letter To Sharon Easley

July 31, 2011

Ms. Easley,

I have been following the news of your spat with the “honorable” Judge John Roach Jr. on the Collin County Observer website.  I have had the unfortunate experience of witnessing that abusive goon verbally and emotionally abuse someone very dear to me.  Never before in my life have I seen such a pathetic excuse for a judge and a man.

I have become quite the student of the Collin County judicial system and the cheap hack, Chicago style politics of the judges. I have witnessed what the lawyers, judges, and a small group of evaluators and counselors are deliberately doing to exploit and rob the families who so naively believe that have nothing to fear from those who slither the halls of "justice" in McKinney.  Though you and I are not personally acquainted, I am very familiar with your reputation. Several friends and acquaintances have recounted to me their experiences with you.  Let's just say that I haven't met anyone who has praised you for giving a damn about anyone but yourself…and believe me, I am being very kind.

Nevertheless, I feel compelled to write you after reading the recent comments on the Collin County Observer.  I realize that you supported the “honorable” Roach for reelection, but I can only assume you were kissing his ass so he would not retaliate too much when you appeared in his courtroom.

Can we agree that tactic did not work out so well?