10 May 2011


Brooke Muncie, the subject of a phony Amber Alert issued on May 8th (Mother's Day), is currently being falsely imprisoned in the Collin County Jail.  Brooke was enjoying her agreed unsupervised visitation with her 2-year old son on Mother's Day when her soon-to-be ex-husband and his mother called in a false report of kidnapping.  She turned her son back over to her ex-husband at 6:00 PM Sunday evening as they had agreed.

She now sits in jail on BOGUS third degree felony kidnapping charges.  Her bail has been set at $40,000.  She has no idea if or when she will be released.

This is the latest travesty of justice to be committed by the overlords of Collin County. In this specific instance, personal responsibility rests with Mr. Brent Weltzer (the soon-to-be ex) and his mother, Mr. Weltzer's sea-troll of a lawyer Linda Risinger, and the MOST Honorable [cough] Judge Chris Oldner.  The harsh light of truth and justice will now be turned on each of you.

We are raising a fund to secure the release of Brooke Muncie.  Any bit you can donate will help and 100% will go to the cause of raising the $4,000 required to secure her bond.  When we reach the total, we will terminate the fundraising effort.

Please consider donating anything you can.  This poor woman has been falsely and unlawfully imprisoned, falsely charged with a felony, and viciously maligned as "crazy" thanks to the cabal that rules Collin County.  This is the typical way things are done in Collin County.  Next time, it could be you or someone you love.


Fund now closed.

09 May 2011

Fishy Amber Alert Issued By McKinney P.D.

I generally do not watch the local news broadcasts, but as I flipped through channels yesterday evening, I caught the tail end of a story about an Amber Alert that had been issued by the McKinney Police.  The fragment of the story that I heard said that a woman had "kidnapped" her son during a supervised visit at a McKinney park earlier that day.  The police spokesman said the woman was considered dangerous and that they feared the child was in "grave or immediate danger."  I started watching too late in the story to get the full name of the mother and her son, but at the end of the story the reporter described the car that "Muncie" was thought to be driving.

Normally, I would have filed the information away in my mind and kept turning the channels; however, something bothered me about what I had heard.  Why was this woman having a "supervised" visit on a Sunday afternoon at a park?  Who was supervising the visit and how did they let her "kidnap" her son? 

I have become familiar enough with various CPS cases in Collin County to know that if this were a CPS case, the visitation would have been scheduled to occur at the Children's Advocacy Center (AKA The Temple of Doom).  Even in a divorce/custody dispute case, I would expect to hear that the visit was scheduled to occur at a place such as Hannah's House (one of the many "non-profit" parasite entities sucking the life out of families here in Collin County).