04 April 2011

A Sore Spot

Well well well...we received an email from Facebook on Friday informing us that it had removed the banner image from our page due to a complaint from the copyright holder.  The image in question is the same banner image at the top of this blog:

Guess we've hit a nerve, eh?  Our use of this image is protected under the "Fair Use" doctrine of the US Code.  Apparently, the thugs in McKinney don't appreciate our right to protest or criticize.

Wow...I'm shocked .

It's no surprise that black-robed "champions" of truth, justice and virtue who abuse their power to stomp out their opposition and to hide the evidence of their own crimes would have their feelings be hurt by a little political speech.

The old saying of "sticks and stones" is not recognized in Collin County...especially if you dare to critique the black-robed mafia at the courthouse.  If you dare say something about any of them, their retaliation knows no limits. Abuses of power like charging you with a non-existant crime and tossing you in jail are just the way they do things here.  It's the God-given right of the Kings and Queens of the courthouse in McKinney.

They do not consider themselves public servants.  In their corrupt minds, we, the people, are THEIR servants.  If you believe you live in a free country, think again.

Well, times they are a changin'.  Judge John Roach Jr., Judge Jill Willis, Judge Robert Dry, Judge Cynthia Wheless, Judge Ray Wheless, Judge Mark Rusch, and Judge Chris Oldner (you'll have to forgive me for not using the term "honorable" when referring to any of you), the time to answer for your crimes is fast approaching.  You can rest assured that when the time is here, WE, THE PEOPLE, will teach you a sorely needed civics lesson.