31 July 2011

An Open Letter To Sharon Easley

July 31, 2011

Ms. Easley,

I have been following the news of your spat with the “honorable” Judge John Roach Jr. on the Collin County Observer website.  I have had the unfortunate experience of witnessing that abusive goon verbally and emotionally abuse someone very dear to me.  Never before in my life have I seen such a pathetic excuse for a judge and a man.

I have become quite the student of the Collin County judicial system and the cheap hack, Chicago style politics of the judges. I have witnessed what the lawyers, judges, and a small group of evaluators and counselors are deliberately doing to exploit and rob the families who so naively believe that have nothing to fear from those who slither the halls of "justice" in McKinney.  Though you and I are not personally acquainted, I am very familiar with your reputation. Several friends and acquaintances have recounted to me their experiences with you.  Let's just say that I haven't met anyone who has praised you for giving a damn about anyone but yourself…and believe me, I am being very kind.

Nevertheless, I feel compelled to write you after reading the recent comments on the Collin County Observer.  I realize that you supported the “honorable” Roach for reelection, but I can only assume you were kissing his ass so he would not retaliate too much when you appeared in his courtroom.

Can we agree that tactic did not work out so well?

Regardless, his decision to sentence you to 15 days in jail shows just what a cheap bully he is. I have personally watched this Roach wield the judicial power we bestowed upon him in ways that make my skin crawl.  He seems to take a particularly depraved, twisted pleasure in threatening a parent’s relationship with their child.  I have seen him use this threat as a way of reminding people that he is in charge.  Unfortunately, I have also seen him make good on his threats.

His arrogant contempt for the citizens of this county who elected him is disgraceful. Simply put, the man is an malevolent tyrant.  Before I was caught in the legal cesspool you all have created in McKinney, I had never truly hated another human being. Now I can name several, including the most Worshipful Roach.

But that is not the reason for my letter.

Rather, I am curious to know if the comments posted on the Collin County Observer website which described your squabble with the “honorable” Roach are accurate. Were you really trying to stop some kids from being sentenced to foster care when you unloaded on the “honorable” Roach? If that is true, then I want to applaud you for standing up to that piece of trash. Most of your good ol’ boy colleagues do not have the balls to do that....especially for some kids they do not give a damn about.

If you fought to save those kids and their parents from the tragedy that the “honorable” Roach intended to inflict upon them, then as hard as it probably is to face yourself each day, you should be proud of your actions.  Those children may be some of the luckiest people in the world…though I suspect they will never fully comprehend just how lucky.

Nearly every single person I have met who has been involved in a family law proceeding in Collin County has had their life, and the lives of their children, completely devastated.   More often than not, the damage is so extreme that there is virtually no possibility of ever putting the pieces back together.  I am grateful that the Lord spared these children from all of that.

Ms. Easley, you should know that the current state of affairs in the Collin County courthouse will not continue for much longer. You and your colleagues have created an entire class of people who have been so brutalized your system of justice, they are willing to make it the singular purpose of their lives to ensure that it does not continue, as well as to hold those who have overseen these atrocities held accountable.

Your very public row with the most “honorable” Roach has afforded you an opportunity to demonstrate genuine leadership among your peers who are either too afraid to do something about the Roach problem at the courthouse, or they are neck deep in his ass in an effort to have him as an ally.  The important point here is that one way or the other, the “honorable” Roach and his cronies WILL find themselves on the losing side of this battle.  You can only oppress people for so long before they respond swiftly and mercilessly.

You have been given a unique opportunity for redemption.  Frankly,  I don't expect anything but business as usual from you after you are done serving your time.  But if, in fact, you did make a stand for those kids, perhaps there IS some shred of humanity and self-respect in you after all.  You can certain that your peers and many of the citizens of this county will be watching closely to find out.

I wonder if you will disappoint them or not?

Either way, I would not wish the “honorable” Judge Roach Jr. on my worst enemy.  So no matter what you do in the future, I respect you for doing what you felt you had to do for those kids.

15 days in jail for standing up to a bully is disgraceful.  John Roach Jr. should be embarrassed and ashamed for doling out such an extreme punishment.


Patrick Henry