28 February 2011

Who's that knocking at the door??? More jack-booted thugs...

First, our apologies for not posting for several months.  It is certainly not because of a lack of material.  Lots has happened and we have much to share.  We will post more as soon as possible.

In the meantime, I wanted to bring this to the attention of our readers.Tomorrow, March 1st, there will be a public hearing for newly introduced House Bill HB 253.  This should not only send a chill down the spine of every parent in Texas, but also every single American who still believes in liberty.  It never ceases to amaze me how we, the people, are so willing to give up our very freedoms whenever some lowlife politician invokes "the children."

Do not be fooled...

Tim Lambert, President of the Texas Home School Coalition, published a blog post today about HB 253.  Here is an excerpt:

We have just become aware of HB 253, which will be considered by the Human Services Committee in the Texas House tomorrow. This bill will make these types of situations worse. The measure would allow the same thing to be done regarding allegations of compulsory attendance violations if the family is also the subject of an abuse/neglect investigation. The bill would allow police officers and school attendance officers to “make home visits” and seek entrance to the home with “effective consent” of those who are under investigation for allegations of abuse and or neglect and also charged with violation of the compulsory attendance statute. “Effective consent” is code language for waiving your 4th Amendment rights against unreasonable searches. In fact, this language reminds me of a section of Obamacare that would encourage social workers to make home visits, and we have the same concerns about that possibility.

I encourage all of you to read the bill, read his post, and then let your representative know where they can shove this bill...

Thanks for pointing this out, Tim.