04 August 2010

Think that DFPS (CPS) won't commit FRAUD to Steal Your Kids? Think Again...

One of the key players in the crimes against families being perpetrated in Collin County is the Department of Family & Protective Services (DFPS or CPS). If you're reading this blog, there is a reasonably good chance the lives of you and your children have been affected, and perhaps completely destroyed, by this lawless, despicable band of lowlifes. If that is the case, my heart breaks for you and I keep you in my prayers.

I am not going to bother wasting my time on recounting the atrocities these people have committed in the name of protecting children. Suffice it to say that a simple Google search will yield enough stories to break your heart every day for the rest of your life.

You will also find story after story of the Gestapo-like tactics they use to in their evil mission. Stories abound of their complete disregard for the truth, for the welfare of the children they are supposed to protect, and for the constitution for which many of our own brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, grandparents, and so on fought and died to preserve. A minimal amount of research will make you question just what the hell country you are actually living in today...because it is NOT the United States of America that you learned about in school.

If you have not read just a bit of what is freely there to be read, I urge you to do so NOW. Shame on you if you cannot be bothered. It is your duty as a citizen of this country and as a beneficiary of the sacrifices made by your forefathers. Most importantly, it is your sacred responsibility as a parent to an innocent child who may have to live with the consequences of your lack of preparedness in the event these bottom feeders knock on your door one day.

I say this to each of you reading this, because one day you and your children who are faced with defending yourself against what is essentially a government agency that has the power to take your children from you, yield to their demands to sacrifice your privacy and freedom, and wields what are police-like powers without the constraints of honoring the constitutional protections you probably take for granted right now.

If it is not you, it will likely be a friend, a neighbor, or family member who faces them. Trust me when I tell you that there is no more desperate, helpless, and lonely feeling than what you feel when you go head to head with CPS. So try to remember the golden rule and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Help them in any way you can, because you will wish with every fiber in your body for someone to help you if the situation is reversed.

My own experience with CPS has been at arm’s length through a close friend, Rachel. In the interest of time, I will go not go into all of the details about the case in this post. The key elements are that she has two children from her first marriage and one from her second. She has a strong co-parenting relationship with her first ex-husband. However, the second ex-husband is a despicable person. He has threatened Rachel with taking away her youngest daughter from the day she was born. I mean this literally. He said it on a video recorded shortly after her birth.

He has kidnapped and taken the daughter across state lines on multiple occasions and has sworn Rachel would never see her again. In one instance, a writ of habeas corpus was issued for her return. Since their divorce, he has paid virtually nothing to support his daughter and has done nothing but stalk and harass Rachel. Even in the face of this, I have always admired Rachel's insistence that her daughter have a positive and strong relationship with her father. I have never heard her say a harsh or unkind word about him...especially in front of any of her children.

18 months ago, he filed a petition to gain full custody of the youngest. Rachel, who struggles to make ends meet in raising her three children, has been forced to defend herself pro-se. Her ex hired expensive lawyers who leveled charges of neglect and drug abuse. At what was supposed to be a "temporary orders" hearing, the judge ordered a drug test on the spot for Rachel. She was escorted by a Sheriff's deputy and submitted to a urine test....closely watched by the deputy.

Rachel was terrified because what was happening made no sense. She supported her kids by working hard. She became suspicious that what was happening was some sort of setup. She insisted on being present as they ran the test because she feared they would alter it. She passed.

Rachel went on to defend herself against the allegations so effectively that her ex fired his lawyers and hired a new one - Mr. Eric Higgins. Remember his name because he is an unethical slime. The case was transferred into Collin County where Rachel continued to defend herself against the legal assault. Without any evidentiary basis, Judge Jill Willis changed "temporary" custody and conservatorship of the daughter and granted Rachel a mere two hours per week for visitation...at a MacDonald’s in McKinney. These visits are supervised by none other than her ex.

Enter Michelle Neely of DFPS. She started harassing Rachel claiming that an anonymous caller reported neglectful supervision, mental instability, and abuse of drugs such as methamphetamine. I have known Rachel for years and have not known her to either abuse drugs or to display the actions of someone who does. Yet this call was enough to start the process. Again, not a single shred of evidence. Though she was denied the right to her case file by Michelle Neely and the staff of the local DFPS office, Rachel managed to obtain it by going directly to the department's Austin office. The file they sent to her was not redacted. It is a travesty.

The file details the repeated calls by her ex-husband pleading with Neely to hold Rachel "accountable" to CPS and the courts. Neely assures him over and over to hang in there. Meanwhile, she failed to return Rachel's phone calls made in an effort to cooperate, though Neely insists it was the opposite. One problem, Rachel has the phone records to prove her efforts.

Perhaps one of the most appalling items in the file is one of Neely's notes that describes a conversation she had with the Ex via text message (you heard me...she communicated via text message with Rachel's ex-husband). The note says that the Ex is running out of money to fund the custody case against Rachel. He pleads with Neely for CPS to assist. She responds by saying that DFPS will file a "motion to participate" against Rachel. All of the sudden, Rachel is defending not only her right to be a mother to her youngest daughter, but also defending the her two other children from being taken by CPS.

Neely approached Rachel's first husband and insisted he retain an attorney and sue Rachel for full custody of their two children. His response was to tell her to get lost. He had never observed anything that would lead him to believe his children were in danger with their mother. When he would not agree, Neely filed an action against him as well.

The case finally came in front of Judge Cynthia Wheless. Rachel, who by now has a better understanding of the law than most of the lawyers at the court house (including Eric Higgins), stated her objections to the proceeding and insisted on a jury trial if it was to move forward. She was denied. Judge Wheless allowed the CPS attorney to call witnesses, but denied Rachel the right to do so. Rachel did, however, cross-examine Michelle Neely who admitted under oath that there was no evidence of abuse or neglect. She had the gall to state that was the purpose of the hearing...to find some sort of evidence.

Just as Rachel was about to question Neely about the texts, she mentioned that she had a pending custody case in Judge Willis' court. Upon hearing this, Judge Wheless stopped her to confirm this fact. When she realized it, she called a recess. When she returned, she said she would not hear anything more in the case and would transfer it to another court. But before adjourning, she ordered Rachel to submit to a hair follicle drug test.

Once again, Rachel felt that this was a setup. She spent several days trying to decide what to do. She finally submitted to the test through Forward Edge - the primary testing firm used by DFPS in Collin County. They took a chunk of her hair and let her go. Without any notice to Rachel, a hearing was scheduled the following week. Rachel only learned of it because she checked her docket sheet while up at the courthouse to attend to her other case two days prior to the hearing.

She asked Neely and the CPS attorney, Sheryl Miears, for the results of her test. They refused to disclose them. Now panicked, Rachel called Forward Edge for the results. They also refused to disclose them. Fearing the worst, she showed up to the hearing as scheduled. She was provided a copy of the test results just minutes before the hearing...positive for amphetamine and ecstasy! And not just a little...enough to kill an elephant. Curiously, Mr. Higgins was present for this hearing and could not hide his glee. There was a visiting judge sitting in on cases because the newly assigned judge was not in town. Rachel objected to this as is her right under the law, but the judge started to hear it anyway. Fortunately, Rachel was afforded an opportunity to tell her side of the story for the first time. Upon hearing it, the judge took a recess and returned to say he would not be making a ruling.

The case was put off another two weeks. In that period of time, Rachel went to another drug testing company Any Lab Test Now (they often provide court ordered tests for Collin County). The lab work was done by Quest Diagnostics.

That test came back negative. Furthermore, closer inspection of the Forward Edge result sheet shows a lack of a chain of custody certification meaning there is no telling who had their hands on it at any particular time. No wonder they did not want her to have the results ahead of time. They are a fraudulent! I am posting copies of both the falsified CPS test results and the Quest Diagnostics results for all to see.

Fellow citizens...this is criminal fraud. These people should be in prison. How many others have suffered through indescribable heartbreak and have had their lives destroyed by these people??

The time to stand up as a community and to demand accountability is now. Every citizen of this county has a duty to do so. Remember, next time it could very well be you.

PS: This case is not over. I will update its progress as I get news. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop